Flip Slide: Our Top 5 Running Music Lists – Or, I want my rMtv!


FLIP SIDE: Spirited Discussion

While there are multiple things that we agree on – like our love of Jeff Galloway and runDisney – there are other running topics where we at RunAllTheRaces have a difference of opinion.

The great thing is, we use it as a way to open a discussion and never let it get in the way of our friendship.

Hearing both sides of a running issue enables our readers to think about things from multiple view points and make the decisions that are right for them.

In the spirit of a good debate, RunAllTheRaces will occasionally post under the “Flip Side” banner. These posts will address a running topic that that keeps us talking and we hope it gets you talking too.


Wearing earbuds during the Providence Half

Wearing earbuds during the Providence Half

While not technically a “running” topic, music choice can make or break a run every now and again.

Whether you blast the tunes before your run to get motivated, put on your headphones to rock out while you run, or sing at the top of your lungs in the comfort (and privacy) of your car as you drive home from a race – it’s hard to deny the impact a great song can have on your attitude and your run.

In this The Flip Side post we will give you a few of our favorite running tunes and videos.


Kimberly:  The Flip Side:  I DO NOT generally run with music

Normally, I do not run with music.  On my weekly short runs, I run with my faithful running companion, my dog, Jetta.  And I wouldn’t feel safe running with her and headphones.

On my weekend long runs, I coach 1st time marathoners and since we are in a group, we are normally chatting away as we log our miles.

038However, when I’m racing alone I’ve been know to put together a playlist of fast songs and here’s my list:

Top 5 Favorite running playlist songs:

  1. Eye of the Tiger: Survivor – If this is not on your marathon playlist I don’t know what is – this is THE marathon song to lift you up and get you pumped during a race.  That’s it – put those fists into the air and pump along to the beat!
  2. Fancy: Iggy Azalea – my new anthem- love me some FANCY!!!!
  3. Raise Your Glass: Pink – anything and everything Pink has in on my iPod.  She had me at Get the Party Started.  You cannot go wrong with Pink.  EVER.
  4. I Gotta Feeling: The Black Eyed Peas – Again, I’m a Fergie and Peas fan and this song gets me pumped every single time!
  5. It Takes Two: DJ EZ Rock & Rob Base – Yup, I grew up in the 80’s and yes, I know ALL THE LYRICS.  Once PR’d singing this tune running in from Mile 10 baby….

Top 5 Favorite songs that have run/running in song title or lyrics:

Yeah, I don’t have any particular songs with running in the lyrics, but I DO have favorite songs that I use for motivation.  All these songs were the soundtrack to my live this past year while I went through chemotherapy treatment:

  1. Survivor: Destiny’s Child – you thought I’d be helpless?  I’m not going to give up!  I’m going to make it!  I’m not going to stop!  I’m going to work HARDER!
  2. Stronger: Kanye West – Haters!!!!  What won’t kill me will make me stronger!
  3. Roar: Katy Perry – I’m a champion and you are going to hear me ROAR!!!!!!!
  4. ‘Till I Collapse: Eminem – I love this because it talks about INNER STRENGTH and NOT GIVING UP!  ’til my legs give out!
  5. All I Do is Win: DJ Khaled – Put your hands in the air and then they stay there!!!!! WIN!  WIN!  WIN!!!
Running with Hartford Marathon Training group

Running with Hartford Marathon Training group

Top 5 Favorite videos that have people running in them:

  1. 8 Stages of Marathon Running  This makes me chuckle every time…oh here comes some hills, that will be fun!  I’m going to die!!!!!
  2. Jurassic Park – Laura Dern, RUNNNNNN!  I’ve been known to say, runnnnnnnn!!! during a race and this is what I’m thinking – basically, save yourself!!!!
  3. National Lampoon’s Vacation – running into the park!
  4. Footloose – Warehouse dance scene
  5. Forrest Gump – I just felt like running


I gots moves on AND off the course...

I gots moves on AND off the course…


Gail:  The Flip Side:  I LOVE to run with music

Not gonna lie.  I love running with some tunes.

So much so that most of my iPod playlists have “run-centric” titles like: Da-do-run-run-run, Run Amok, Running Joke, Running with Scissors – the list goes on…

This exercise was a bit hard for me, as picking just 5 in each category left so much other great stuff out – but here’s my lists.


Top 5 Favorite running playlist songs:

  1. Around the Bend: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour [I can’t help but picture a huge group of people with their hands on their hips, swiveling them around in circles. FYI – it’s really hard (and a bit dangerous) to try WHILE running.]
  2. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards: Tame Impala [I mean, who HASN’T felt like this towards the end of race?!?!  Plus, it’s a bit psychedelic and I love a song that helps your mind wander during the tough parts of run.]
  3. Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That: Robert Randolph & The Family Band [Try and not “rance” (run/dance) while listening – I dare you…]
  4. Cold Beverage: G. Love & Special Sauce [I live in Arizona and you ALWAYS want a cold beverage before, during, and after a run – especially in the summer!]
  5. Jump Into the Fog: The Wombats [Another slightly psychedelic song with a chorus that is WAY catchy.]

Special mention goes to extended dance remixes of ANY song.  It’s AWESOME to tell people, “Yeah, I just ran a ENTIRE MILE in the time it took for one song on my iPod.” No one EVER needs to know that the song in question is a 37-minute remix of a 2-minute Green Day tune…let them think you’re a bad a$$ 4-minute miler!

Top 5 Favorite songs that have run/running in song title or lyrics:

  1. Run: Vampire Weekend [“It struck me that the two of us could run.” Great lyrics, great idea!]
  2. Time to Run: Lord Huron [Starts out slow (like me when I’m running) and builds to an incessant beat that is perfect for keeping your feet moving.]
  3. How Fast: Rocco DeLuca & The Burden [“How fast can you run?” The lyrics are like a challenge and I find myself picking up the pace when this song comes on.]
  4. This Too Shall Pass: OK Go [“Better run like hell when you hit the ground.” Plus, the song title works as a great running mantra when you feel like you just can’t keep running.  P.S. Click the link to watch the video.  It’s a crazy Rube Goldberg machine.]
  5. New Shoes: Paolo Nutini [New shoes.  If you’re a runner, no other explanation is required 😉 ]

Top 5 Favorite videos that have people running in them:

  1. Here It Goes Again: OK Go [The band dances on treadmills. Did I mention that the band DANCES on TREADMILLS?!?!]
  2. End Love: OK [The video starts out with the band in primary color track suits – I love me a good track suit.  Plus, there’s camping – so they must be running a Ragnar Relay!]
  3. Back From Kathmandu: OK Go [So, I know…3 OK Go videos in a ROW, but they just do good video.  This gem documents the 8.5-mile parade the band took through Los Angeles using Range Rover’s Pulse of the City app to checkin and spell out the words “OK GO” with the route. How cool is this?]
  4. Rock & Roll: Eric Hutchinson [Decidedly not a lot of running, but I’ve “ran” some races where the party atmosphere just makes you slow down to enjoy the moment and this video captures that spirit.]
  5. Her Morning Elegance: Oren Lavie [Great stop-motion video that takes you on a trip without leaving your bed and we’ve all had mornings when the snooze button beat out running.]

Special mention goes to Sabotage: Beastie Boys.  With the exception that the song doesn’t contain “run” in the lyrics, this would have made all the other lists.  Catchy song, running, parkour – it’s got it ALL. And besides, who hasn’t thought about running up to a car parked in your way and sliding over the hood?..


Do you generally run with music?  What are your favorite running songs?

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