2015 Disneyland 5K or How a 2-hour 5K is #Winning

Inside Out - Castle

The Inside Out Crew in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle

Our little buddy @TinyTikiRunner had recovered from the Great Tinker Bell 5K Hamper, Umbrella, and Mop Incident of 2015 and came forward with a Disneyland 5K costume request of her own – Inside Out.  Pretty excited that not only was Tiny Tiki still speaking to us, but that she might (just might) be getting into #RunningInAllTheCostumes, we agreed (even if we hadn’t actually seen the movie….).

Good news was that Tiny Tiki had invited a childhood friend to run with us (Hey – glad you’re coming with us for your first runDisney weekend.  By the way – you’re gonna need to run the 5K as Riley and wear a hockey jersey and helmet and carry a hockey stick.  Hello?  Hello?  You’re still coming, right?!?!  Why is she not responding to our emails?..).

Nicole and Katy Buompensiero - Alice and Mad Hatter...Running in Teacups!

Nicole and Katy Buompensiero – Alice and Mad Hatter…Running in Teacups!

Bad news was that we still needed to con at least 2 more people into dressing up like crazy people and “running” with us if we wanted all the emotions.

Nicole and Katy Buompensiero as Merida

Nicole and Katy Buompensiero as Merida and Queen Elinor







We immediately thought of Nicole and Katy Buompensiero – the mother/daughter team whose runDisney costumes we’d loved (and coveted) over several years.  It was like reaching out to your idols and hoping (against hope) that they would not only want to hang out with you, but would invest their time and money to help you realize an idea.  We cannot tell you how excited we were when Nicole and Katy responded that not only where they in – they were IN!

Inside Out: Fear Costume In-Progress

Inside Out: Fear Costume In-Progress

Inside Out - Anger Head In-Process

Inside Out: Anger Head In-Process

We knew we were going to have to “bring it” as we anticipated lots of Inside Out costumes since it was Pixar’s most recent release.

Inside Out: Disgust Dress In-Process

Inside Out: Disgust Dress In-Process

Over the course of the next several months, we held a few costuming conference calls and posted progress on a closed Facebook Group to ensure that the final product would look cohesive when we all got to the race – as everyone was responsible for their own costume creation.  Thank goodness for technology when your group is located in Connecticut, Florida, Arizona, and California.

Race day arrived and Tiny Tiki, her childhood friend, Kimberly and I got ready in our hotel room.  3:30am came early, as we had a bit of body painting to complete before heading out to our corrals.  There was A LOT of laughter as we all got dressed.  You know you love your running friends when you’re willing to paint their armpits green pre-dawn, in your hotel bathroom…

Sadness Selfie

Sadness #Selfie

And how committed was Tiny Tiki to her idea?

As Sadness, she wore slippers for the ENTIRE race (and still managed to be faster than the rest of us)!  Slippers, people – for a 5K.  Pretty sure this means she’s hooked (even if she swears she’ll only dress up for 5Ks.  We will see, we will see…).

We met up with Nicole and Katy in the courtyard of the Disneyland Hotel were Nicole handed out her hand-made core memory balls.  They lit up and really just added that extra-special something to our costumes.  As we walked to the corrals, we just couldn’t stop giggling at each other.  These costumes were just SO MUCH FUN!

One of the things we love about running runDisney 5K races is that, in many cases, families come out and run together.  We had so much fun taking photos with the kids – who really seemed to love our costumes.  And we were lucky enough to keep running into a family whose kids were dressed up as Disgust and Anger.  They were SO adorable and kept stopping to take photos with us and give us hugs.  So much fun!

Inside Out: Mile Marker 2 (Note the time...)

Inside Out: Mile Marker 2 (Note the time…)

We took #AllThePhotos (both character stops and with fellow runners) and quickly ended up near the back of the pack.  One of my favorite memories is all of us walking together (with NO ONE behind us), coming up to the first water stop and having the volunteers go absolutely nuts when they saw us.  They cheered “Inside Out, Inside Out” in unison and took selfies with us as we went by.

As we stopped for an EPIC Big Thunder Railroad photo op, our friend Cindy Rodriguez-Copey, who had been running near us almost the entire race (and was gracious enough to take some mid-race photos for us) lamented that she hadn’t seen Nicole or Katy the entire race – which was odd – as they run ALL the runDisney races.  We started to laugh and explained that she’d been running with them almost the entire race – as Nicole was Joy and Katy was Fear.  She hadn’t recognized them in costume.  That’s when you know you’ve done good 😉

Inside Out - Big Thunder Mountain Photo Op

There are a number of these Disneyland 60th Anniversary photo ops throughout Disneyland…and they are hilarious!

Inside Out - Joy Draging Sadness Across Finish

HAD to be done!



As we approached the end of the race and the chute to the finish at Downtown Disney we realized we were bringing up the rear of the race.  But it was totally worth it.  We hadn’t had this much fun at a run in ages!  More photos, more fun.  Seeing everyone smile and want to take a photo with us as we ran by made all the hard work (and pre-dawn armpit paining) worth it.

All this fun and all the photo stops meant that it took us 2-hours to complete the 2015 Disneyland 5K.

Yes.  You read that correctly.  It took us 2-hours to complete 3.1 miles – that’s about a 39 minute mile.

And I don’t regret one single second of it! #Winning


A BIG shout out to some of our runDisney friends who “ran” into us on the Disneyland 5K course.  Check out their race reports here:

Brandi Gilbert (who ran with her mom – they are just the cutest): Funner Runner

Patty Holliday (who psychically dressed up as Bing-Bong and waited (a LONG while) for us at the finish for another epic photo op : My No Guilt Life

Inside Out - Finish Area with No Guilt Life (Bing-Bong)

BIG thanks to Patty Holliday (My No Guilt Life) for waiting so we could get a photo with Bing-Bong.

Would you “go slow” for a good time?  

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