Run All The DISNEY Races

2014 Walt Disney World Full Marathon: Kimberly's first full marathon after finishing chemotherapy for great cancer 2 weeks prior.

2014 Walt Disney World Full Marathon (part of the Inaugural Dopey Challenge): Kimberly’s first full marathon (and 4th race of the weekend) after finishing chemotherapy for breast cancer 1 week prior. See our Press tab to watch her “Why I runDisney” profile of this awesome achievement.

Since meeting online in 2013, Gail and Kimberly have run the following runDisney races together:

  • 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon (as part of the Inaugural 2014 Dopey Challenge)
  • 2014 Disneyland Neverland 5K
  • 2014 Disneyland Inaugural Tinker Bell 10K
  • 2014 Disneyland Tinker Bell Half Marathon
  • 2014 Walt Disney World Inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge: Cinderella Royal Family 5K, Inaugural Disney’s Princess Enchanted 10K, Disney’s Princess Half Marathon

Gail and Kimberly’s upcoming runDisney Race Schedule:

  • 2014 Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare: Disneyland Family Fun Run 5K, Disneyland 10K, Disneyland Half Marathon
  • 2014 Walt Disney World Tower of Terror 10-Miler Weekend: Disney Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler (This will be Gail’s 1st ToT 10-Miler Weekend)
  • 2014 Walt Disney World Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend: Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5K, Wine & Dine Half Marathon
  • 2014 Inaugural Disneyland Avengers Half Marathon Weekend: Avengers Super Heros 5K, Avengers Super Heros Half Marathon
  • 2015 Dopey Challenge
  • 2015 Castaway Cay 5K Challenge

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