Race Photos

2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend (Inaugural Dopey Challenge) 


Pamela Frost, Kimberly, Alison Nicklas, and I made a new friend on the course. Rebecca Kyler it was great running with you!


PROOF we rode a roller coaster halfway through the 2014 WDW Marathon. Where else can you do this?


Alison Nicklas and Perfect Goofy Gail riding Expedition Everest for the first time during the 2014 WDW Marathon. Perfect Goofy Gail might have enjoyed this experience a bit more than Alison…


Pamela Frost and Perfect Goofy Gail with the always amazing Ali Vincent waiting for the start of the 2014 WDW Marathon.


The 2014 WDW Marathon Group stopping at Mile 22 to say hello to Perfect Goofy Gail’s parents…who we convinced to dress like Tweedles and wear Sparkle Athletic skirts. Pamela Frost, Alison Nicklas, Kimberly, mom, Perfect Goofy Gail, dad.


Kimberly and Linda Ambard. These two great women have BOTH been featured on “Why I runDisney”. See our Press tab to check out Kimberly’s video and http://www.whyirundisney.com for Linda’s story.


The infamous multiple race, multiple-wristband photo.

2014 Disneyland Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend

1555426_10151938255216032_1693981790_n 1623573_10151938280901032_734458159_n 1535482_10151938279936032_1754789535_n  1011206_10151938292596032_1393550767_n 1505439_10151938293656032_1912623841_n


Selfies with Jasmine at Goofy’s Kitchen.


With Another Mother Runner goddesses at the 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Expo. Gosh these gals are TALL!

2014 Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon Weekend (Inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge)

1619391_10203352323671949_434135372_n  1604839_10152030219676032_811378584_n 1506625_10152030220781032_360854302_n 1010978_10203352266310515_302219832_n 1899711_867003116658985_454000256_o


We found Yanni Roble and her two adorable girls on the 5K course.


Eddie McCoy was the prettiest Princess on the 2014 Princess Half Marathon course 😉


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