Running in Costume at runDisney Races OR “I’m waiting as long as possible until I have to put on the hamper and umbrella!”

Our guest blogger is Jessica AKA #TinyTiki.  You can follow her on Twitter @TinyTikiRunner


“You’ll be fine…it’s only 3 miles…”

Now that is a sentence I never thought I would say, but let me back up just a bit.


Getting suited up…

The fabulous ladies of Run All The Races are primarily known for two things – their contagious enthusiasm for running and their insanely creative, elaborate costumes at all of the runDisney races.  Kimberly and Gail love to make everyone laugh – runners, announcers, spectators, and cast members.  Many are amazed at both the intricacy of their costumes and their ability to run in them.


At the 2015 Tinker Bell 5K

I have now run in costume with them twice – as a tiki in runDisney’s Castaway Cay Challenge 5K after Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2015 and as Boo from Monster’s Inc. in the Neverland 5K during Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend 2015.  Kimberly and Gail kindly provided everything I needed – all I had to do was run and pose for pictures, which was actually easier said than done.  The tiki hat kept wanting to fly off my head and the metal underneath the purple umbrella was an incessant source of pain digging into my scalp.  I ran one race holding down my headpiece, the other trying to keep it from touching my head.  Thankfully, the purple hamper was quite comfortable.  Kimberly and Gail’s tolerance for pain is clearly stronger than mine, as I could not imagine running longer distances in costume.  Their love of crafty costumes along with their natural ability to run (both of them are marathoners!) keep them going.


2015 Castaway Cay Challenge 5K

As their roommate during recent runDisney race weekends at Disneyland, I see what no one else sees – all of their hard work behind the scenes.  Our room is usually an explosion of glitter, foam, safety pins, electric tape, glitter, wigs, New Balance sneakers, hot glue guns, a sewing machine, a variety of miscellaneous items, and yes, more glitter (Kimberly’s favorite color).  One would think they are a collective Mary Poppins – I have never seen so many accessories come out of a suitcase.  The nights before races, they stay up late sewing, gluing, pinning, and taping to make sure their costumes are not only ready, but practically perfect and up to their standards.  Since they reside on opposite coasts, race weekends are their only chances to put their costumes together as a team.  And how about what happens beforehand? Months ahead of time, texts about costume ideas fly back and forth.  Orders are placed and packages are shipped to the hotel.  Airplane carry-on items are sewing machines and gigantic flowers.  Multiple suitcases are filled to the brim with costume pieces.


2015 Star Wars 10K

Running in costume may look glamorous and easy, but it involves a great deal of time and effort (and occasionally pain).  Would I run in costume with them again?  Absolutely, since I adore their endearing craziness, though only for a 5K.  I prefer to run the longer distances for time but I can handle some pain for 3.1 miles for the sake of having a blast with my running sisters, especially after all of their hard work in putting together not only their own costumes but mine as well.  Running with them is nothing short of an unforgettable, unique experience.

Do you run in costume?  Do you think you could Run All The Races in costume with Perfectly Goofy Gail & Kimberly?

Are YOU Ready to Run & RIDE All The Races This Summer?

049Run All The Races is proud to announce our partnership with Run & Ride Race Series.  We hope to help you Run & Ride all the races and will provide our readers with race discounts, travel & training tips, but more importantly show you how to enjoy a race-cation that includes the entire family without breaking the bank.

368In 2014, we ran the Cedar Point races and instantly fell in love with this race series because it combines our love of roller coasters, racing and family fun all at an affordable price!

365At Cedar Point, we ran the 5K on Saturday morning with Kimberly’s children.  Then we enjoyed the thrills of Cedar Point’s legendary roller coasters.  On Sunday, we ran the Half Marathon while Perfectly Goofy Gail’s parents, Kay and Mike, volunteered on the course at a water stop.  We then went back into the parks to ride the family and thrill rides, but more importantly…the roller coasters.  Click here for our 2014 race recap.

347For 2015, Run & Ride’s races take place at Cedar Point, Kings Island, Dorney Park, Valley Fair and Carowinds parks.  Each weekend has fun for the entire family including the 1 mile Snoopy run, a 5K charity run, a 10K roller coaster run or the main event the  Run & Ride half marathon.  You’ll run among the sights and sounds of legendary and super new roller coasters!

389Run & Ride Races is gearing up for the start of their race season with their first event at Valleyfair, Minnesota on Saturday, May 16th & 17th.  Valleyfair will offer The Valleyfair 5K and Snoopy’s One-Mile Fun Run on Saturday at 8:30am.  On Sunday at 6:45am they will host the Route 76 10K and Valleyfair Half Marathon.  Valleyfair is located in Shakopee, Minnesota and is the largest amusement park in the Upper Midwest offering thrill rides, family rides, a waterpark and entertainment!  Hurry early registration closes on Saturday, April 4th – registration fees will increase.  Click here to register today!

045We are proud to announce Run all the Races followers will receive discounts off Run & Ride Races: 

  • Use RUNALLTHERACES10 to receive $10-off the half-marathon
  • Use RUNALLTHERACES5  to receive $5-off the 10K or 5K
  • Scenic running route through the amusement park

  • Finisher medal

  • Admission to the park – this varies by park so check the offer, but it’s an OUTSTANDING DEAL!

  • BibChip timing and instant online results

  • Commemorative long-sleeve tech T-shirt

  • Free parking the morning of the race

  • Great prizes and awards for top 3 finishes in each category

  • Friends and family park entry discounts

  • Post race food

  • The first 150 sign-ups receive a special Run & Ride “in training” t-shirt

343 Run and Ride Race Series locations and dates:

  1. May 16-17:  Valleyfair, Shakopee, MN
    • May 16 – 8:30am:  The Valleyfair 5K and Snoopy’s One-Mile Fun Run
    • May 17 – 6:45am:  Route 76 10K
    • May 17 – 6:45am:  Valleyfair Half Marathon
  2. June 13 – 14:  Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH
    • June 13 – 8:30am: The Millennium Force 5K Benefiting The Chris Smith Memorial Fund and Snoopy’s One-Mile Fun Run
    • June 14 – 6:45am: Cedar Point Rougarou 10K
    • June 14 – 6:45am:  Cedar Point Half Marathon
  3. September 12 -13:  Carolwinds, Charlotte, NC
    • September 12 – 8:30am:  The Carolwinds 5K and Snoopy’s One-Mile Fun Run
    • September 13 – 7:40 am:  Fury 325 10K
    • September 13 – 7:30 am:  Carolwinds Half Marathon
  4. October 3 – 4:  Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom, Allentown, PA
    • October 3 – 8:30am:  The Dorney Park 5K and Snoopy’s One-Mile Fun Run
    • October 4 – 7:00 am:  Hydra 10th Anniversary 10K
    • October 4 – 7:00 am:  Dorney Park Half Marathon
  5. October 23 – 25:  Kings Island, Mason, OH
    • October 23 – 7:30 pm:  Kings Island Glow Run during Halloween Haunt
    • October 25 – 7:40 am:  Banshee 10K
    • October 25 – 7:30 am:  Kings Island Half Marathon

AER07217Will we see YOU at a Run & Ride Race this summer?  Which Run & Ride Race are you running?

Next up:  Traveling Tips at Run & Ride Races!

Race Report: runDisney’s Inaugural Castaway Cay Challenge

Disney Dream in port at Castaway Cay

Disney Dream in port at Castaway Cay

Sometimes it is not possible to #runalltheraces!  This was the case with the scheduling of the Inaugural Castaway Cay 5K and the Inaugural Star Wars 5K.  The Castaway Cay challenge was announced and sold out in record time.  A week later, the runDisney Star Wars races were also announced and we soon realized the boat would arrive back in port in Florida the same day and time the 5k would be starting in California.  Gail & I decided to forgo the cruise in order to #runalltheraces at Star Wars Weekend and asked our friend, Carol Smith, to fill in #runningalltheraces and #drinkingallthedrinks aboard the Disney Dream.  Here’s her report of the Inaugural Castaway Cay 5K:  

Both the Castaway Cay 5K medallion and Challenge Medal

Both the Castaway Cay 5K medallion and Challenge Medal

Go on a cruise after running 48.6 miles and do a 5K? I’m in! Get more bling? I’m really in! With even more Disney? I’m definitely in! I’m Carol Smith, and Kimberly asked me to blog about Disney’s Inaugural Castaway Cay Challenge 5K which was held after the Disney Marathon weekend in January 2015. Thanks Kimberly for letting me do my first ever blog post! To learn more about Kimberly and me see her post of the 2014 Disney Marathon. I’m the one whose name she couldn’t remember!

Fish extender is hung and ready for goodies...

Fish extender is hung and ready for goodies…

To participate in this Disney Castaway Cay Challenge 5K you had to participate in at least one of the races during Disney Marathon weekend, register for this race, and then sail on the Disney Dream cruise that left the day after the Marathon. For doing the Challenge you got the new Castaway Challenge 5K plastic medal and a spiffy inaugural Challenge medal.  I did the Dopey Challenge, so I earned 8 medals for the 5 races. There will be another cruise after Princess weekend. I don’t know if the Challenge medal will be the same, but the plastic medal will be. Disney hasn’t announced any additional special Castaway Challenge events, but the regular 5K will still occur on cruises that go to Castaway Cay.

The line to purchase the official merchandise.

The line to purchase the official merchandise.

Before I get into the race itself I want to share more information about the cruise and onboard shopping for the Challenge.


shirt 3 shirt 4 shirt 2

Disney Cruise is a Dream

The cruise was on the Disney Dream, one of the newer of Disney’s cruise ships. As this specific cruise was geared towards people who had run at least one race during the Marathon weekend, there were a lot more adults on the cruise than usual. The crew seemed ready for the “older” crowd with a lot of chairs in the adult pool and staff in the spa, as well as bartenders for beverages. As with other Disney cruises, people decorated their doors to celebrate the cruise and their running. I cruised with a cruise veteran who did the Goofy. The baskets hanging from our door number are for little gifts or swaps (“Fish Extenders”) that we traded with other pre-arranged cruisers. Doing Fish Extender gifts was a great way to meet other cruisers ahead of time and on the cruise. I highly recommend finding a Fish Extender group if you go on a Disney cruise.


Bondi Bands


During the four-day cruise we spent most of the first day at sea, a day in Nassau, The Bahamas, a day on Castaway Cay, and a day at sea. This length was enough time to relax and enjoy the cruise without being gone too long from work or other obligations. Onboard there were tons of activities, from bingo and scavenger hunts to massages and movies. We even watched the National Championship football game on the big screen by the main pool. (Go Buckeyes!)




Shopping! (“Expo”)

Since we had picked up our bibs and t shirt at the Marathon weekend, there wasn’t a full expo on the cruise. One of the stores on this ship had exclusive Castaway Cay 5K merchandise for this cruise. Many of the cruisers were afraid that there would not be enough merchandise, so we lined up an hour before the store opened to make sure to get our items.  Our fears were unfounded, however, as there was plenty of everything. There were a few different t-shirts, a medal pin, head bands, and a magnet. The store staff saw the crowd and quickly brought up more merchandise and staff before opening the store. They did an excellent job handling the crowd and ensuring everyone was able to purchase what they wanted. I bought a t-shirt, pin, and car magnet.

Over 700 runners assemble in the theater pre-race...

Over 700 runners assemble in the theater pre-race…

Race itself

After a day at sea and a day in Nassau we had to be in one of the theaters at 5:45am for the race, which started at 7. Compared to the other races during the Marathon weekend this was sleeping late! There were 3 corrals, and each one was in a separate section of the theater. On the screens were pictures of the course map and other race information. A cruise cast member told us what the process was to get off the ship – we needed an ID (driver’s license) and our room key to get onto the island. They were well-organized. runDisney people had come down on the cruise to help run the event, which was needed since there were over 700 runners!

At about 6:15 each corral got to get off the ship to walk to the start.

The sunrise when we got off the boat was spectacular.

The sunrise when we got off the boat was spectacular.

We had to walk about ¾ of a mile to the starting line from where the boat docked. For runners who had done the half or full marathon this walk felt shorter than the walk to the starting corrals of those races, but for the runners who had only done the 5K or 10K during Marathon weekend the walk seemed long. With the sun coming up and the boat in the background, however, the walk was nice and a good way to warm up for the run. The boat is docked to the right of the picture. This was a new route for the 5K and it seems that this is the new route going forward. It is flat, so if you wanted to go really fast you could. For the rest of us, the race had a race clock but no chip timing. They wanted us done in the 16-minute time-frame so we could get back to the boat to change before they let everyone else off the boat, but weren’t strict about it. Thanks to The Kessel Runner for this map.

The NEW course

The NEW course

Since the race was small (for Disney) I got to do things I never get to do. I was in Corral B! I’m never that close! Here I am with Angela Austin Rubright, who had also done the Dopey and was going to California for Star Wars weekend after the cruise!  I got to see actual corral tape!  I was close to the starting line at the actual start of the race! For a true middle of the pack runner these experiences were awesome.


The race was announced not by Rudy, but by one of the ship’s officers. He’s the one who also stars in many of the safety and information videos on the ship’s TV. Mickey was also there! There weren’t any fireworks for the corral starts and no national anthem, but we were in the Bahamas. I don’t think we would have recognized the Bahamas national anthem if it were played.


After working up the crowd the first corral went and then we were off! There were a few characters on the course. I’ve never run a Disney 5K where I’ve been able to take pictures so I took full advantage this time!  The cruise director and another cast member were also on the course “cheering” us on.    The “balloon ladies” were in the first corral instead of the back of the race and tried to take me off the course! But at the end I got my medals! We also got water, Powerade, and runDisney snackboxes. Then back to the ship for a shower and to change into beach attire for the day. The race backdrop was available that evening (pirate night) for pictures.

balloons bondi band

Overall the race was well run, the cruise was fabulous, and everyone seemed to have fun. I certainly did. I’m jealous of everyone going on the cruise after Princess weekend. Maybe Kimberly will let me stowaway in her suitcase.




Did you run the Inaugural Castaway Cay 5K?  What was YOUR experience?

2014 Run All The Races Year Wrap Up


25 runDisney Medals for 2014

2014 was a heck of a year!  We want to thank you all for supporting us by reading our blog and following us on Instagram, Twitter and our Facebook page.  Perfectly Goofy Gail and I ran a total of 31 races/341.78 miles TOGETHER in 2014.  What makes this more impressive, at least to me, is that we live 2,500 miles apart!

June 2014...

June 2014…

So before we finish up our 2014 race recaps (Tower of Terror, Wine & Dine, Avengers and Las Vegas Full among others) and jump to our tips for Running All The runDisney Races of 2015…let’s take a moment to pat ourselves on the back 😉

Did I tell you I placed 2nd in my age group.  Hey - did I tell you I PLACED 2nd IN MY AGE GROUP? Did I, did I?

Did I tell you I placed 2nd in my age group. Hey – did I tell you I PLACED 2nd IN MY AGE GROUP? Did I, did I?

Perfectly Goofy Gail’s Stats for 2014:

  • 14-5k’s
  • 8-10k’s
  • 16-Half Marathons
  • 8-Full Marathons
  • 11-other distances including 1 ultra
  • 2-Age Group Awards
  • 57 races with a total of 707.6 racing miles
Hershey Half - worked hard for a 2:17 finish!

Hershey Half – worked hard for a run/walk/run 2:17 finish!

Kimberly’s Stats for 2014:

  • 17-5k’s
  • 7-10k’s
  • 14-Half Marathons
  • 4-Full Marathons
  • 8-other distances including 1 duathlon
  • 50 races with a total of 485.49 racing miles

 Favorite Race Run Together:

Perfectly Goofy Gail: Walt Disney World Marathon – it was the VERY first race we ran together (in fact we met in person just 4 days earlier at the Race Expo) and the race that launched our friendship. Can’t think of a better reason for it to be my favorite!

Best photo of 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend!

Best photo of 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend!

Kimberly:  Tinker Bell 5K – it was the SECOND race we ran together were I didn’t want to lay down and die!  It was beyond fun because we dressed up and stopped at all the character stops! I just wish we had a photo of us trying to get UP and OFF the stage above!!!

2014 Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler.  We'd been "dying" to dress as the Haunted Mansion Stretching Room Portraits...

2014 Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler. We’d been “dying” to dress as the Haunted Mansion Stretching Room Portraits…

Favorite runDisney Costume:

Perfectly Goofy Gail: If I can, I’m going to group the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Weekend races together. Out Hitchhiking Ghosts and Haunted Mansion Stretching Room Portrait costumes were big hits.  We had just as much fun taking photos with fellow runners and Cast Members as we did running the races ourselves.

2014 Happy Haunted Trail Run

2014 Happy Haunted Trail Run 5K. As much as we tried, no one picked us up on course and drove us to the finish – no matter how much we hitchhiked!


Kimberly: I have to choose the Jingle Jungle 5K costumes.  Christmas is my favorite time of year and these costumes were so much fun to wear …unless you were trying to run a 5k 😉

Jingle Jungle 5K

Just looking at these Jingle Jungle 5K costumes makes me want to sing carols loud for everyone to hear!

Favorite Run All the Races RACE Memory of 2014:

Perfectly Goofy Gail: Kimberly was the very first person I ran a race with at Walt Disney World that was willing to ride Expedition Everest with me in the middle of the marathon!

Perfectly Goofy Gail's first time riding Expedition Everest during a race - 2014 Walt Disney  World Marathon!

Perfectly Goofy Gail’s first time riding Expedition Everest during the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon!

Kimberly: “Getting close to the wildlife” at Ragnar Adirondacks – Ultra.  We haven’t shared the story….yet. 

2014 Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Full Marathon.  You wouldn't think it, but that hot tea was AWESOME with that BIG beer! So very, very cold.

2014 Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Full Marathon. You wouldn’t think it, but that hot tea was AWESOME with that BIG beer! So cold…so very, very cold.

Favorite Drink All The Drinks of 2014:

Perfectly Goofy Gail: While technically not an “adult beverage” I have to go with the hot tea (with a side of BIG beer) we had after finishing the Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Marathon.  We’d completed the Disneyland Avengers Half Marathon that morning in California, hopped a flight to Nevada, and ran the full that evening.  We got wind blown at Disneyland and ran through an arctic blast in Las Vegas.  I just wanted to sit down and GET WARM!

Kimberly: Oompa Loompas of course!!!  Any cocktail served in a pineapple wins!  And although I love Trader Sam’s, I do love a Lapu Lapu at the Tambu Lounge at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

Lapu Lapu's at the Poly

Lapu Lapu’s at the Poly


Favorite Selfie:

Perfectly Goofy Gail: SO MANY to choose from, but our Disneyland Club 33 bathroom fainting couch selfie is my winner.  Talk about a bucket list day!

Disneyland Club 33 bathroom fainting couch.  We're just gonna move in...I'm positive no one will care ;)

Disneyland Club 33 bathroom fainting couch. We’re just gonna move in…I’m positive no one will care 😉

Kimberly: It is a family tradition to take our photo with the Wooden Indian on Main Street U.S.A.  Every race that runs up or down Main Street U.S.A., we stop for an #usie.  Here’s just ONE of many we posed for during 2014. 

One of many #WoodenIndianSelfies of 2014

One of many #WoodenIndianSelfies of 2014

1511819_10205297488659858_7899833204330694783_oHow was your 2014?  We’d LOVE to hear about your running year in review!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @RunAllTheRaces and like us on Facebook/runalltheraces.

Perfect Goofy Gail & (soon to be Delightful Dopey) Kimberly

So You Want to Be a Disney Princess? Our Top 10 Tips for Royal Run.

Kimberly, Gail, Rebecca, and Pam at the finish of the 2014 Enchanted 10K [this photo made the runDisney official race photo album]

Kimberly, Gail, Rebecca, and Pam at the finish of the 2014 Enchanted 10K [this photo made the runDisney official race photo album]

We here at #RunAllTheRaces will NEVER deter you from running a runDisney race, however – that being said – our goal is to ensure that you have the information YOU need to make the most of your running budget and your runDisney runCation!

To this end, we have taken it upon ourselves to #RunAllTheDisneyRaces so we can provide you with first-hand advice.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

While Perfectly Goofy Gail and soon to be Delightfully Dopey Kimberly are not Perfect Princesses [meaning a person that has run EVERY Princess Half Marathon since the inaugural event], we have run a combined total of over 90 runDisney races and have 100+ runDisney medals between us.  That gives us plenty of experience and insight into how to rock a race at Walt Disney World.

Just in time for the next runDisney race registration date, in this post we will share our tips and tricks for a royally successful Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend.

Finishers of the 2014 Glass Slipper Challenge (and the special pink Coast to Coast medal for running Disneyland Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend races AND Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon races in the same calendar year).

Finishers of the 2014 Glass Slipper Challenge (and the special pink Coast to Coast medal for running Disneyland Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend races AND Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon races in the same calendar year).

Our Top 10 Tips for a Royal Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend:

  1. Eddie is the prettiest Princess of them all - and we have the on-course photo to prove it!

    Eddie is the prettiest Princess of them all – and we have the on-course photo to prove it!

    Do You Want to be a Princess?  Determine if this is the right race for you.  Not all runDisney weekends are the same.  Yes, Disney’s Princess Half Marathon weekend races share the EXACT SAME COURSES as January’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend events, however, that is where the comparisons stop.  Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend is a FEMALE-FOCUSED weekend where the costumes, the participants, and the course theme all celebrate PRINCESS POWER.  Not to say that there aren’t a fair share of Princes running, but during this particular race, men are not permitted to start in the first corral and the overall winner of the race must be female.

  2. If the slipper fits?   Decide who’s running.  Fortunately or unfortunately, Princess Weekend falls on the last weekend of February – this may or may not be during school break.
  3. No, seriously, we dress like this EVERY day...

    No, seriously, we dress like this EVERY day…

    Know when and how to register for your chosen event(s):  Not only does runDisney host a Half Marathon during Princess Half Marathon weekend, but there is also a 5K, a 10K, and Kids Races.  Runners can also choose to register for the Glass Slipper Challenge – which combines both the 10K with the Half Marathon.  You can take a look at the race details online at runDisney.  NOTE: Runners wanting to complete the Glass Slipper Challenge should register for the Glass Slipper Challenge ONLY.  Those runners that register for both the 10K and Half Marathon separately will not earn the challenge medal (and you NEVER want to not get EXTRA BLING).  Early registration will open for both Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Member on Wednesday, July 9th at 12pm EST.  Registration links will be available on the member pages only.  General registration will open on Tuesday, July 15th at 12pm EST at runDisney online.  For additional registration tips click here.

  4. Your Castle or Mine?  Deciding whether you’ll be staying in a Walt Disney World resort or an off-property location can be more difficult that running the actual race!  Both options are good and depend not only on your budget, but what experience you are looking for.  To take a look at all the resort options Walt Disney World has to offer, click here.  Thinking about staying off-property?  Consider a “Good Neighbor” resort, generally located on Hotel Resort Boulevard – down the road from Disney Village Marketplace.  “Good Neighbor” options include: Best Western, DoubleTree Suites, Hilton, Holiday Inn, and Wyndham [Got points?].  And, if you’re looking for the ULTIMATE PRINCESS EXPERIENCE, consider relaxing after your royal race on a DISNEY CRUISE!

    Golf cart full of crazy during the 2014 Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon.

    Golf cart full of crazy during the 2014 Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon.

  5. Be Our Guest:  You can begin making your Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs) 180 days out from your arrival date – and we suggest you GET ON IT.  Many favorites fill up FAST, such as Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom, character meals, and dinner shows.  Research all your dining options (and there are a ton) and make online reservations here.
  6. Planes, Trains , Automobiles, Coach or Carriage? The closest airports to Walt Disney World are Orlando International Airport (OIA) and Orlando Sandford International Airport (SFB).  When you reserve Disney’s Magical Express and arrive at Orlando International Airport, you can begin your vacation the moment you step off the plane. Bypass baggage claim and avoid the inconvenience and cost of driving or finding ground transportation. With this special benefit of staying at select Disney Resort hotels, get from the airport to your accommodations in comfort and have your bags delivered directly to your room. You’ll also enjoy a complimentary ride back to Orlando International Airport on the day you check out of your Disney Resort hotel. Please note that pets are not permitted on Disney’s Magical Express but service animals are.  Luggage delivery service is available for flights arriving between 5:00 AM and 10:00 PM daily. Your luggage will travel separately, and it may take up to 3 hours after you arrive at your Disney Resort hotel for your luggage to be delivered to your room. You need to pack any valuables, medications or anything you need immediately upon your arrival in Orlando in a carry-on bag—and have your MagicBand with you and easily accessible at the airport and when you arrive at your Disney Resort hotel. You do not need to be in your room to receive your luggage.  You need to make a reservation for Disney’s Magical Express when you make your Disney Resort hotel reservation online or over the phone. If your flight arrives before 5:00 AM or after 10:00 PM, you will need collect your luggage at baggage claim to bring with you on the motorcoach. Please note: Disney’s Magical Express service does not provide luggage-only transfer. You must be present on the motorcoach to have your luggage transported to a Disney Resort hotel.  Once on property (and if you stay at a “Good Neighbor” hotel) there are a host of transportation options to all Walt Disney World locations including buses, boats, and the monorail.
  7. No Tickey, No Mickey: While theme park tickets are NOT required in order to runDisney, if you want to spend time in the parks after your run, you will need to purchase a ticket.  Walt Disney World has a ticket option for any budget and include options such as 1-Day/1-Park to Multi-Day/Multi-Park Park Hopper (which allows you to visit multiple parks on the same day), and Annual Passes.  NOTE: If you plan to party at the theme parks, we suggest planning the time AFTER your race, so you have fresh legs for your run around the World.

    Sleeping Beauty and Mary Poppins run through Epcot during the 2014 Walt Disney World Enchanted 10K.

    Sleeping Beauty and Mary Poppins run through Epcot during the 2014 Walt Disney World Enchanted 10K.

  8. Look like a Princess: Costumes at a runDisney event can be a lot of fun.  If you’ve never ran in costume before, give it try during the 5K or 10K.  These are easier distances to run dressed up, but you still get the fun photo-ops along the course.  Lots of companies provide easy costume options if you can’t or don’t want to sew your own.  We love Sparkle Skirts [sparkly skirts, arm warmers, wings, and schwings], Raw Threads [themed bamboo shirts and skirts], Harvester Products [kick-ass crochet hats], and Etsy [anything else you can dream up].

    Good thing Dave had that buff fairy to help stop that train...

    Good thing Dave had that buff fairy to help stop that train…

  9. Party like a Princess: runDisney sponsors the Happily Ever After Party at Downtown Disney® on Sunday, after the Half Marathon.  Participants can enjoy delicious food, great music, and get a chance to pick up some last minute keepsake merchandise to remember the weekend. Admission to the Happily Ever After Party at Downtown Disney® is open to race participants, their guests, and the public. And if you are like us and like to party with a runner friend, you can run any of the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend races as a member of a TEAM.  Team registration is a fun way to compete in the Princess Half Marathon Weekend with added perks for each princess on your team.  Team registration is $10.00 per team member and includes Commemorative Team Bib, Commemorative Team Item (has been a Miss America-type sash in the past), and a Team Photo area at Packet Pick-Up.  NOTE: Teams can only be created after both individuals have registered and paid for the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Glass Slipper Challenge.  This is not a relay – both participants must run the entire race. You must be a registered participant of one of the Princess Half Marathon Weekend races to participate in the race. A team registration does not qualify as a registration for the event.
  10. Feel like a Princess: Not much feels as good after a long run than having someone pamper you by rubbing your legs and feet.  Walt Disney World has a number of spa options.  Most on-property resorts have fitness rooms and the opportunity to book a massage or facial.  If you are looking for a deluxe spa experience, consider booking a service at Sense – A Disney Spa at Disney’s Grand Florida Resort or Senses Spa at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort.  To schedule treatments, please call (407) WDW-SPAS or (407) 939-7727 as far in advance as possible. Reservations are highly recommended.

For Tips on how to register for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend visit

Are you a Perfect Princess? Have you run any of the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon Weekend races?

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Perfect Goofy Gail & (soon to be Delightful Dopey) Kimberly

Mickey Milers Meet-Up.

Mickey Milers Meet-Up.


Flip Slide: Our Top 5 Running Music Lists – Or, I want my rMtv!


FLIP SIDE: Spirited Discussion

While there are multiple things that we agree on – like our love of Jeff Galloway and runDisney – there are other running topics where we at RunAllTheRaces have a difference of opinion.

The great thing is, we use it as a way to open a discussion and never let it get in the way of our friendship.

Hearing both sides of a running issue enables our readers to think about things from multiple view points and make the decisions that are right for them.

In the spirit of a good debate, RunAllTheRaces will occasionally post under the “Flip Side” banner. These posts will address a running topic that that keeps us talking and we hope it gets you talking too.


Wearing earbuds during the Providence Half

Wearing earbuds during the Providence Half

While not technically a “running” topic, music choice can make or break a run every now and again.

Whether you blast the tunes before your run to get motivated, put on your headphones to rock out while you run, or sing at the top of your lungs in the comfort (and privacy) of your car as you drive home from a race – it’s hard to deny the impact a great song can have on your attitude and your run.

In this The Flip Side post we will give you a few of our favorite running tunes and videos.


Kimberly:  The Flip Side:  I DO NOT generally run with music

Normally, I do not run with music.  On my weekly short runs, I run with my faithful running companion, my dog, Jetta.  And I wouldn’t feel safe running with her and headphones.

On my weekend long runs, I coach 1st time marathoners and since we are in a group, we are normally chatting away as we log our miles.

038However, when I’m racing alone I’ve been know to put together a playlist of fast songs and here’s my list:

Top 5 Favorite running playlist songs:

  1. Eye of the Tiger: Survivor – If this is not on your marathon playlist I don’t know what is – this is THE marathon song to lift you up and get you pumped during a race.  That’s it – put those fists into the air and pump along to the beat!
  2. Fancy: Iggy Azalea – my new anthem- love me some FANCY!!!!
  3. Raise Your Glass: Pink – anything and everything Pink has in on my iPod.  She had me at Get the Party Started.  You cannot go wrong with Pink.  EVER.
  4. I Gotta Feeling: The Black Eyed Peas – Again, I’m a Fergie and Peas fan and this song gets me pumped every single time!
  5. It Takes Two: DJ EZ Rock & Rob Base – Yup, I grew up in the 80’s and yes, I know ALL THE LYRICS.  Once PR’d singing this tune running in from Mile 10 baby….

Top 5 Favorite songs that have run/running in song title or lyrics:

Yeah, I don’t have any particular songs with running in the lyrics, but I DO have favorite songs that I use for motivation.  All these songs were the soundtrack to my live this past year while I went through chemotherapy treatment:

  1. Survivor: Destiny’s Child – you thought I’d be helpless?  I’m not going to give up!  I’m going to make it!  I’m not going to stop!  I’m going to work HARDER!
  2. Stronger: Kanye West – Haters!!!!  What won’t kill me will make me stronger!
  3. Roar: Katy Perry – I’m a champion and you are going to hear me ROAR!!!!!!!
  4. ‘Till I Collapse: Eminem – I love this because it talks about INNER STRENGTH and NOT GIVING UP!  ’til my legs give out!
  5. All I Do is Win: DJ Khaled – Put your hands in the air and then they stay there!!!!! WIN!  WIN!  WIN!!!
Running with Hartford Marathon Training group

Running with Hartford Marathon Training group

Top 5 Favorite videos that have people running in them:

  1. 8 Stages of Marathon Running  This makes me chuckle every time…oh here comes some hills, that will be fun!  I’m going to die!!!!!
  2. Jurassic Park – Laura Dern, RUNNNNNN!  I’ve been known to say, runnnnnnnn!!! during a race and this is what I’m thinking – basically, save yourself!!!!
  3. National Lampoon’s Vacation – running into the park!
  4. Footloose – Warehouse dance scene
  5. Forrest Gump – I just felt like running


I gots moves on AND off the course...

I gots moves on AND off the course…


Gail:  The Flip Side:  I LOVE to run with music

Not gonna lie.  I love running with some tunes.

So much so that most of my iPod playlists have “run-centric” titles like: Da-do-run-run-run, Run Amok, Running Joke, Running with Scissors – the list goes on…

This exercise was a bit hard for me, as picking just 5 in each category left so much other great stuff out – but here’s my lists.


Top 5 Favorite running playlist songs:

  1. Around the Bend: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour [I can’t help but picture a huge group of people with their hands on their hips, swiveling them around in circles. FYI – it’s really hard (and a bit dangerous) to try WHILE running.]
  2. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards: Tame Impala [I mean, who HASN’T felt like this towards the end of race?!?!  Plus, it’s a bit psychedelic and I love a song that helps your mind wander during the tough parts of run.]
  3. Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That: Robert Randolph & The Family Band [Try and not “rance” (run/dance) while listening – I dare you…]
  4. Cold Beverage: G. Love & Special Sauce [I live in Arizona and you ALWAYS want a cold beverage before, during, and after a run – especially in the summer!]
  5. Jump Into the Fog: The Wombats [Another slightly psychedelic song with a chorus that is WAY catchy.]

Special mention goes to extended dance remixes of ANY song.  It’s AWESOME to tell people, “Yeah, I just ran a ENTIRE MILE in the time it took for one song on my iPod.” No one EVER needs to know that the song in question is a 37-minute remix of a 2-minute Green Day tune…let them think you’re a bad a$$ 4-minute miler!

Top 5 Favorite songs that have run/running in song title or lyrics:

  1. Run: Vampire Weekend [“It struck me that the two of us could run.” Great lyrics, great idea!]
  2. Time to Run: Lord Huron [Starts out slow (like me when I’m running) and builds to an incessant beat that is perfect for keeping your feet moving.]
  3. How Fast: Rocco DeLuca & The Burden [“How fast can you run?” The lyrics are like a challenge and I find myself picking up the pace when this song comes on.]
  4. This Too Shall Pass: OK Go [“Better run like hell when you hit the ground.” Plus, the song title works as a great running mantra when you feel like you just can’t keep running.  P.S. Click the link to watch the video.  It’s a crazy Rube Goldberg machine.]
  5. New Shoes: Paolo Nutini [New shoes.  If you’re a runner, no other explanation is required 😉 ]

Top 5 Favorite videos that have people running in them:

  1. Here It Goes Again: OK Go [The band dances on treadmills. Did I mention that the band DANCES on TREADMILLS?!?!]
  2. End Love: OK [The video starts out with the band in primary color track suits – I love me a good track suit.  Plus, there’s camping – so they must be running a Ragnar Relay!]
  3. Back From Kathmandu: OK Go [So, I know…3 OK Go videos in a ROW, but they just do good video.  This gem documents the 8.5-mile parade the band took through Los Angeles using Range Rover’s Pulse of the City app to checkin and spell out the words “OK GO” with the route. How cool is this?]
  4. Rock & Roll: Eric Hutchinson [Decidedly not a lot of running, but I’ve “ran” some races where the party atmosphere just makes you slow down to enjoy the moment and this video captures that spirit.]
  5. Her Morning Elegance: Oren Lavie [Great stop-motion video that takes you on a trip without leaving your bed and we’ve all had mornings when the snooze button beat out running.]

Special mention goes to Sabotage: Beastie Boys.  With the exception that the song doesn’t contain “run” in the lyrics, this would have made all the other lists.  Catchy song, running, parkour – it’s got it ALL. And besides, who hasn’t thought about running up to a car parked in your way and sliding over the hood?..


Do you generally run with music?  What are your favorite running songs?

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Perfect Goofy Gail & (soon to be Delightful Dopey) Kimberly

Race Report: Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Hat Trick Challenge or Hey, did we tell you it was hot and hilly?..

We love us some Runner’s World and when we heard they were hosting a series of races that included the chance to run Heartbreak Hill of Boston Marathon fame – WITHOUT having to cut 1+ hours off our marathon times to qualify for the Boston Marathon – we were IN.

Our first Runner's World Cover...we're kinda a big deal (at least in our own minds...)!

Our first Runner’s World Cover…we’re kinda a big deal (at least in our own minds…)!

Why run just one race with Runner’s World when you can #RunAllTheRaces?!?!

The inaugural Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon & Festival took place on the campus of Boston College in Newton, MA, June 7 – 8, 2014. Thousands of runners – including kids and dogs – showed up for a weekend of racing, seminars, movies, and more.

We were ALL IN as usual and this entailed running the 5K, getting about a 30 minute break and then running the 10K on Saturday morning and then coming back for more in the form of a half marathon on Sunday morning.

Or, in the case of the Runner's World Heartbreak Hill Hat Trick, they eat us - 2 days in a row!

Or, in the case of the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Hat Trick, they eat us – 2 days in a row!



The weekend included the privilege (or horror, depending on how you look at it) of running the infamous Heartbreak Hill and surrounding Newton hills 4 TIMES. Yep, you read that correctly, 4 TIMES. #RunAllTheNewtonHills

Down Heartbreak Hill and Kelley Hill at the beginning of the 10K (Opportunity #1), a 3 mile-ish “break” [NOTE: The course description states that the course flattens after Kelley Hill. We will tell you that FLAT is a relative term…it was “flat” only if you call “flat” not going up a giant hill], followed by slogging back UP Kelley Hill and Heartbreak Hill at Miles 5 – 6 (Opportunity #2). And another chance to get at it during the Half Marathon the next day. Down Heartbreak Hill and Kelley Hill – this time at Mile 3 (Opportunity #3) – before getting a 5 mile-ish “break” and the final opportunity to conquer the hills of Newton at Miles 10 – 13 (Opportunity #4).

We weren’t the only crazy people to come out and take on Heartbreak Hill. We got the chance to see, run with, and meet TONS of our runner friends, which made the weekend (and the hills) worth every sore leg muscle.

Mickey Milers: Caryn, Jennifer Teig Von Hoffman, Liam Scribner-MacLean, Mike Scopa, Perfect Goofy Gail, Michelle Scribner-MacLean, Rudy Novotny, and Kimberly doing “The Eddie.”

Stop running and take a photo? Sure (we're up for ANY reason to take a break)! Alison Jakeman Nicklas, Perfect Goofy Gail, the Heartbreak Hill Running Company Gorilla (he was out BOTH days cheering us on), Kimberly, and Pamela Potter Frost.

Stop running and take a photo? Sure (we’re up for ANY reason to take a break)!
Alison Jakeman Nicklas, Perfect Goofy Gail, the Heartbreak Hill Running Company Gorilla (he was out BOTH days cheering us on), Kimberly, and Pamela Potter Frost.












So just how bad IS Heartbreak Hill?

On paper it doesn’t seem so bad. It climbs a mere 88 feet over four-tenths of a mile.  It only goes up at a grade of 3.3%.  What makes it so hard, aside from running it several times over the same weekend, is that it is the first or last of the series of 4 Newton hills (depending on whether you were coming or going on the Runner’s World courses). The thought of hitting this series of hills in the UP direction at Mile 21-ish of the Boston Marathon makes our legs hurt just thinking about it!

Hey Pammy, did we tell you it was hot and Hilly?..  Note the forced smiles - and we're not even at the up portion of the Newton hills yet!

Hey Pammy, did we tell you it was hot and Hilly?.. Note the forced smiles – and we’re not even at the up portion of the Newton hills yet!

Add to the hills of Newton the heat and humidity of a New England summer’s day and we couldn’t resist commenting on how hot and hilly it was to everyone and anyone that would listen – especially our friend Pammy – who joined us on Sunday for the Half Marathon.

In spite of the heat and the hills, we managed to take enough pictures and video for a recap of the entire weekend.  Good news is that by the 10K and Half Marathon we were “running” slow enough that everything is in perfect focus 😀

NOTE: Bonus points for doing a burpee every time we mention that it’s hot or hilly or hot and hilly!


Check out the 2014 Participant Guide here.

If you are interested in receiving notification when next year’s event dates are announced, click here.

#RunAllTheRaces #GetAllTheBling


Have you qualified for Boston and run this storied course only to experience Heartbreak Hill at Mile 21? Do you dream of racing up Heartbreak Hill? Tell us about it!

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Perfect Goofy Gail & (soon to be Delightful Dopey) Kimberly

P.S. Hey, did we tell you it was hot and hilly?..