Race Report: Wine & Dine Half Marathon or Would you like WHINE with that half marathon?..

How bad was the weather? We dressed up as ACTUAL runners ;)

How bad was the weather? We dressed up as ACTUAL runners 😉

Part of the problem of having a #RunAllTheRaces philosophy is that we run SO MANY races that we don’t always have the time to talk (and BLOG) about all the races.  Believe it or not, we both ACTUALLY have JOBS – a runner’s got to do something to pay for all those races…

We still owe everyone a BUNCH of race reports on other events from earlier this year, but the WEATHER was such a factor at last weekend’s runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon that we just had to post about this race next!

BLOG DISCLAIMER: It was SO wet and rainy that, for the first time in #RunAllTheRaces history, we did NOT wear a costume and we did NOT stop and take photos on the course.  It was so wet and rainy we ACTUALLY RAN the race!

So, how wet and rainy was it?  In our collective 10+ years of running races at Disney Theme Parks, the only event where the weather was worse was 2010 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend (also known around runDisney circles as “The Cold Year”) where it snowed (yes, you read that correctly – SNOWED) and sleeted and was generally miserable for the entire half and full marathons. FYI: Frozen water stops and slippery, ice-covered roads are no bueno!

In fact, it was so wet and rainy that a simple blog description just won’t do it justice.

So – in our first “How To” blog post – we are providing you with instructions on how to re-create the event at home so you can fully understand the experience.  You’re welcome 😉


How To: Recreate the 2014 Wine & Dine Half Marathon Experience in the “Comfort” of Your Own Home

  1. Run around all day.  Wait until 7:00pm to start your experience.

    An umbrella.  And yes - that's a necessity - NOT a costume piece!

    An umbrella. And yes – that’s a necessity – NOT a costume piece!

  2. Get fully dressed in your running attire. And we mean fully dressed; including shoes, fuel belt, race bib.  As it is a runDisney event, this probably includes an elaborate costume you spent weeks planning and even longer making.
  3. Go into your bathroom and turn on the shower.  Not too hot, mind you.  The water temperature should seem warm enough to be “not so bad” at first, but not so warm as to be enjoyable for any length of time.
  4. Get in your shower.  Fully dressed. Yep.  Just hang out there under the gently falling drops and imagine yourself in the corrals, waiting for the start.  Spend a few moments trying to convince yourself that it looks like it’s clearing and surely it will stop before the race starts.
  5. Begin jogging in place.  Still in your shower.  Still under the running water.  Take a sip of your race beverage of choice and realize, as you tip your head back, water hits you directly in your eyeballs.
  6. Continue jogging in place under the running water for the time it normally takes you to run a half marathon plus a crappy weather factor of 10%.  You’ll need that extra time to run around giant puddles, avoid falling on slippery surfaces, and stop to wring-out your progressively heavier water-logged clothing.
  7. Swear at yourself for even signing up for this race in the first place.  Feel free to include anyone else who encouraged you throughout your training and isn’t actually running in this mess in your rant.
  8. Finish your race.  Have someone place a cold, wet medal around your neck and a space blanket around your shoulders.
  9. Decide ” *&%# it! I paid for the After Party.  I’m still going.”  Have someone hand you a beer and a snack while you continue to stand in your shower.
  10. Go out to your garage.  Stand around outside your car for approximately 20 minutes to simulate waiting for the bus back to your resort hotel.
  11. Get in your car.  Turn on the air conditioner. Hang out for 45 minutes.  Cold? Yep. But the roads are closed for the race and you have to leave property and come back around to get to your stop.
  12. Get out of your car and walk around the block.  Turns out, the event bus drops you off at the Convention Center – which feels like a 3-mile walk from your room.
  13. Swear at yourself for even signing up for this race in the first place.  Feel free to include anyone else who encouraged you throughout your training and isn’t actually still out in this mess in your rant.
  14. Go back into your bathroom and turn on the shower again.  Good news – this time you can take a nice hot shower!
  15. Fall into bed.  Sleep like a rock – as you are exhausted from this entire experience.
  16. Wake up.  Decide it wasn’t so bad.  Check the runDisney website to see when registration opens for next year.
Finishers of the 1st Annual Wine & Dine Wet T-Shirt Contest

Finishers of the 1st Annual Wine & Dine Wet T-Shirt Contest

What was the worst weather you ever raced in?  What did you learn from the experience for next time?

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Perfect Goofy Gail & (soon to be Delightful Dopey) Kimberly

16 thoughts on “Race Report: Wine & Dine Half Marathon or Would you like WHINE with that half marathon?..

  1. Thank you for making me laugh!! I have run races in the rain before, but this was the most brutal race I have ever run. I think the combo of nighttime running and the cold rain did me in.

  2. was my first race in the rain! i actually heard someone say, if i knew it was going to rain, I wouldnt have signed up! laughing at that kept me warm for a good 1/2 mile!

    My son (his first race ever) and I finished together!

  3. I was ok with the race (rain happens, loved the course) but I hated the party setup. Afterwards, I just wanted a cheeseburger and salty fries. Really, I would have settled for any indoor food. We stopped by Guest Relations to confirm where we could find such a post-race recovery meal. Behold, there was a pamphlet for the party that was not part of the official race guidebook nor had I seen any such information at the expo. It appeared that the only indoor sit-down restaurant serving food was at American Adventure well over a mile from the finish line. We had zero interest in standing next to outdoor food booths in the rain nor did we want to walk that far cold and wet. The only food option in Future World was Starbucks. I was shocked that neither Electric Umbrella nor Sunshine Seasons (as in 2011) were open to give dining options closer to the race finish area.

  4. Yup, this sounds about right.

    Although I would also a) turn the lights off in the bathroom (you know, because of course this all took place during a night race!) and b) may occasionally fill the tub a few inches with water and jump around in it to simulate those times you’d end up in an ankle deep puddle (you know, because it wad dark!!)

  5. Well, I wasn’t there. And usually, not being at runDisney races makes me incredibly sad. But as I followed on twitter and read race reports like this one… well, I think I’m okay missing it.

    Hilarious post ladies! You rocked it! (And I hope your medals stayed in one piece.)

  6. We signed up for the Santa Shuffle in Alberta Canada last December. The daytime temperature was -35C which is -31F. We had every possible layer of running clothing available on, including striped socks, fur trimmed sparkle skirts and Santa hats. I wasn’t prepared for how breathing into a scarf while running gives such stale, oxygen-poor air! Our eyelashes were frozen together by the end of the race from the dampness of our breath. If there wasn’t a medal involved, I’m not sure we would have gone.

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